Log out   home contact us site map feedback my advisor my navigator my health my community   add to favorites article the thing in my brain by lisa cannon, editor living with a venous malformation can be hard--but so are the alternatives if you were told you had a thing in your head that could possibly kill you, would you leave it in and deal with the uncertainty, or have it taken out and potentially remove all doubt? I have a thing in my brain. It's called a cavernous hemangioma, which is a type of venous malformation. viagra 20 mg uso Most of the time, i don't think about it. what works best viagra viagra or When i do think about it, it's usually around the time i go in for an mri, which i used to do every year. safe online viagra Now i can go every couple of years, or so says my neurosurgeon. I also think about the thing in my brain anytime i watch a movie like "the diving bell and the butterfly. Gov my viagra viagra viagra " that's the one where the guy has a massive stroke in the brain stem and ends up only being able to move his left eye. female viagra for sale (i try not to watch movies like that… they make my eyelid twitch. Viagra prescription guidelines ) when i first found out about the venous malformation, i thought about it constantly. It's kind of hard not to. cheap generic viagra It's like a sore tooth. cheap generic viagra Your tongue just keeps going there to feel it, even though you know every time you do, you're going to feel pain. Except, unlike a toothache, this thing doesn't cause me physical pain. I also spent a lot of time researching the thing. I'd never heard of a cavernous hemangioma, and it sounded kind of scary. buy generic viagra Cavernomas (as they're also known) typically look like raspberries because they're made up of little bubbles (caverns) that are filled with blood. They're estimated to occur in approximately 1 percent of the population, or in 1 in 100-200 people. cheap viagra That's just an estimate, because there are probably a lot of them out there, but many go undiagnosed. buying viagra online boots They can be present at birth or appear during your lifetime. viagra online uk no prescription They're often hereditary, and they're more common in mexican-american families. cheap viagra online Symptoms include mild to severe seizures, as well as neurological deficits such as weakness in the limbs, loss of vision and balance problems, or memory and attention problems. generic viagra online Many people don't have any symptoms, and their hemangioma is discovered by accident. That's what happened to me. A doctor suggested i get an mri for an unrelated issue, and he discovered this thing in my head. cheap viagra It's about a centimeter in size, and it's located in my pons, which is smack-dab in the middle of my noggin. generic viagra available canada The location is important, because when something is in the pons, that means it's surrounded by "eloquent" brain tissue. where to buy viagra tablets (which is neurology-speak for "important stuff. ") when you cut through that kind of gray matter, you might end up seeing double, or not seeing at all. generic viagra online Or losing feeling in half your body. Or only being able to move one eyelid. viagra 20 mg uso It's not like you get to choose which parts the surgeons can operate on. viagra 20 mg uso It would be great if you could. viagra side effects nosebleed I'd say, "feel free to cut through the memories of when. drjoedds.com/fbw-559243/ http://drjoedds.com/fbw-556955/ google search results viagra drjoedds.com/fbw-558454/ drjoedds.com/fbw-559713/ http://drjoedds.com/fbw-558912/ http://drjoedds.com/fbw-557260/ drjoedds.com/fbw-559775/ http://drjoedds.com/fbw-557902/ what is viagra soft